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Career Expo gives students hands-on job experience

By Jenny EricksonIn standard21st December, 2015


Ashley Buegel – Reporter

Earlier this month, ninth graders from all across Fargo-Moorhead’s school districts visited the Fargodome to learn about and experience different job opportunities in the region. Companies set up booths filled with games and informational posters to notify students on what jobs they offer and what it is like to work in that field. “Our main goal is to make sure students know what type of careers are out there,” said a representative from Integrity Windows and Doors.

From medical technologies to welding to wood carpentry, there were booths in many different fields of work. Malery Selberg, a freshman at MHS, said she was excited about the amount of unique jobs she saw at the Career Expo. “It really opened my eyes to the amount of careers available in just a single field of work,” said Selberg.

Even though some students weren’t interested in every booth, it was still a great opportunity for students to have. Debbie Grant, an employee at Rural Minnesota CEP, says all students should keep an open mind and be receptive to new possibilities. “It’s really important to be exposed to different careers,” said Grant. Grant encouraged all students to explore the different booths around them.

While it was a morning filled with flyers and fun, some students left knowing more career research would be necessary.
“I thought it was interesting, just not quite as informative as I would’ve hoped,” said Catherine Myers, a freshman at MHS. “I liked the booths where the people seemed super excited to talk and inform students on their unique lines of work.”

What made this Career Expo unique was the individual games and projects that gave students a little taste of what each job is like. “The booths with hands-on activities were the most enjoyable,” said Meghan Johnson, a freshman at MHS. “You really got a sense of what the job entailed.”

Whether students already knew what job they wanted or had absolutely no idea, the Career Expo gave more ideas and more experience, so that hopefully in the future they will all end up doing exactly what they want.

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