New version of statewide education and workforce data visualization tool released

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New version of statewide education and workforce data visualization tool released

By david.demuthIn standard4th October, 2018

September 27, 2018

The North Dakota Information Technology Department (ITD) has issued a new version of the data visualization tool, which highlights statewide education and workforce information.

The revised website features significant enhancements including new college and workforce sections with integrated data. The new data enables users to view high-demand career fields, including certificates and degrees available in the state tied to those fields. is the state’s official source for data on public education, workforce supply and in-demand careers in the state. It integrates data from K-12, higher education, Job Service North Dakota and workforce development initiatives in the state to provide a broad view on public education and workforce opportunities. Insights includes K-12 data such as enrollment, graduation rates and post-secondary information by district and school.

The new version adds workforce data including high-demand fields of study and average salaries, as well as college enrollment, recent graduates and currently enrolled students by institution that can be compared to the high-demand fields to show workforce gaps and opportunities in various fields.

The new education and workforce details provide valuable analysis and drill-down capability for numerous stakeholders, illustrating North Dakota’s continued focus on harnessing technology to better serve citizens. The tool also supports the 21stcentury workforce pillar of Gov. Doug Burgum’s Main Street Initiative, which emphasizes a skilled workforce, smart, efficient infrastructure and healthy, vibrant communities to grow the state’s economy in a highly competitive global environment.

“Using data to make more informed decisions – whether as an economic developer, employer, student, educator or administrator – is a tangible example of a citizen-centric approach to governance,” said Chief Information Officer Shawn Riley. “Making these data visualization tools accessible to all citizens enables greater understanding of our state’s educational and workforce challenges and opportunities.”

The backbone of the website is the Statewide Longitudinal Data System, a data warehouse managed by ITD. Data is provided in collaboration with the Department of Public Instruction, Career and Technical Education, the North Dakota University System, Job Service ND, Department of Commerce, school districts and workforce development programs. It is intended to inform policymakers, agencies, researchers, students, administrators, faculty and communities through readily accessible, visual data. The site is expected to expand functionality as additional efforts are pursued with partner organizations to further integrate available information.

[Released by ND ITD. Original release and screenshots can be found here.]