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Thanks for your interest in the 2022 Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo. The Expo will be held on December 1, 2022.

The ability for schools to register is closed for 2022.

If your school is interested in attending the Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo next year are some details:

  • Each school will be scheduled for a one-hour and fifteen-minute time slot. We ask you what your preferred time to attend is and try our hardest to honor each request.
  • We offer breakout sessions in conjunction with the North Dakota STEM Network. These opportunities are only available to our smaller more rural schools bringing a maximum of 25 students. There is only room for 25 students per session.
  • Lunch is not provided for students
  • Students are the responsibility of the counselors, teachers, and chaperones. The Fargodome will be filled with hands-on activities for students to take part in. We encourage them to explore.

Across our state and nation, there is a cry for employees trained in health, technology, and trades fields.  Yet, students are often unaware of the potential within these areas. The mission of the Career Expo is to expose students to occupational opportunities available in the health, technology and trade industries in our region through hands-on experiences. It is the steering committee’s goal to educate, inform and open student minds to lucrative career pathways that they might not otherwise have considered.